【SUUNTO(スント) Spartan Sport (スパルタン スポーツ) HR サクラ HRモニター無し [並行輸入品]】-その他

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  • 特徴商品仕様
    Packed with an astounding amount of pre-set sport modes (there's 80 in total!), the Suunto Spartan Sport Watch measures workout-savvy metrics for your favorite aerobic and outdoor activities, ranging from triathlon races to backcountry ski tours. Built-in GPS provides the ability to track your total ascent/descent on high-elevation efforts, as well as delivering route planning support with Suunto's Movescount app. Perfect for setting out into the wilderness, the Spartan Sport tracks your every move with a breadcrumb trail, also facilitating visual route navigation when you're unsure of where to go next. Community-sourced routes open up new realms of exploration of your favorite outdoor pursuits. It's compatible with a separately available Suunto Smart Sensor, allowing you to gain valuable insight into your heart rate while training and exercising outdoors. Bluetooth Smart capability allows for wireless syncing with both heart rate monitors and smartphones running Suunto's Movescount app for iOS and Android. The Movescount app works as a training program for your favorite outdoor activities and training disciplines. Other handy features with this watch are 24/7 activity monitoring, tough-wearing materials, and a vivid LCD screen with scratch-resistant mineral crystal face. Each Spartan Sport is handmade in Finland with the highest quality and attention to detail.
    ・最先端のテクノロジーにより、直射日光の条件でも画面の視覚性が高いです。 ・100Mの防水性能 ・80のスポーツモードがプレインストールされており、様々なアクティビティーに対応しております。 ・並行輸入品のため、日本語の説明書は含まれておりません。

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