Started to be used widely in Europe and America the seamless wearing has become a popular trend in very short time in our country as well. The reason for this is the incredible compliance of the seamless products made of super soft microfibers having anti-bacterial features with the skin.
Simteks Ltd. Şti with the production capacity of 2 million units conducts knitting¸ confection¸ packaging¸ and shipment processes. Simteks also manufactures products for the renowned clients in Europe and America in addition to its own brand “Miss Fit” thanks to its flexible production system.

Simteks overcomes the time and capacity problems through its effective planning¸ and the production is controlled continuously at every step in production.

Simteks giving special importance on following with the swift increasing technology invests in human factor besides the new technologies¸ and supports the continuous improvement of them with training products.

Simteks knowing that the brand making is not only related to the production but making unique designs¸ makes very rich collections for each season through its successful design teams backed by the latest technology equipments.